Choosing the Right Whisky for You

It can be extremely hard to choose the right whisky. This is especially true if it’s your first time drinking it. Whenever you visit a liquor store, you’ll find a lot of various whisky brands, such as WL Weller special reserve. If you visit a bar that specializes in whisky, you will even find a lot more brands. Every whisky will utilize a various mixture of the aging process, distillation, fermentation methods, and raw materials to obtain a unique flavor.

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right whisky, don’ worry. We are here to help you. Here are several things that you should consider:

Know the Difference Between Blends and Single Malts

The way that the whisky is blended is one of the most vital elements that affect the taste of various whiskies. Every whisky is either blended or single malt.

Blended whisky contains 2 or more single malt whiskies manufactured at various distilleries. They’re mixed to produce a new profile of flavor. The goal of the manufacturer is to produce a versatile and smooth whisky.

On the other hand, single malt whisky is made from malted barley and water in a pot still. It’s manufactured from a single distillery. However, it might contain whisky from several batches or barrels. The objective of the manufacturer is to produce a drink with an extremely distinctive flavor that represents that distillery’s style.

A couple of individuals prefer the distinctive flavors of single malt. On the other hand, some prefer a smoother and subtler blended whiskey. You may establish a preference after you’ve tried a couple of whiskies. This will make it a lot simpler for you to choose the right one for you as you can keep on drinking blended or single malt whiskies.

Choose What Type of Whisky You Prefer

For those who don’t know, whisky is a broad word utilized to describe spirits made from grain mash. Whiskies will differ in color, aroma, and taste based on the kind of grain utilized and how they’ve been distilled.

Every kind of whisky has a particular set of rules for how it will be created. For instance, Scotch Whisky is normally made in Scotland. It will usually be created with the use of malted barley with other grains in a copper pot still. The final result will be matured for 3 years or more.

On the other hand, Irish Whiskey (with an “e”) usually utilizes un-malted barley. This isn’t dried using peat moss smoke. This provides it with a balanced flavor, unlike Scotch Whiskey. Because of this, the Irish Whiskey is commonly utilized as a mixer in cocktails.

Whiskeys are now manufactured in a lot of countries in the world. The US, Japan, and Australia are now creating a couple of excellent Whiskies. You might find that you’ve got a preference for a whiskey from a particular country. This makes picking the right whisky simpler since you can keep on purchasing from the distilleries that make whiskey in the particular taste that you prefer.


Tips to Drink Responsibly and Still Enjoy the Party

To drink responsibly is actually extremely easy. However, it takes a substantial amount of self-control and restraint. Sadly, once we have taken one drink, our capability to practice self-control and restraint dramatically reduces, urging us to keep on saying yes to drinks offered to us. Luckily, you can actually follow the tips below to help yourself drink less for you to have an enjoyable party.

You should know what you’ll be drinking

If you are drinking a cocktail but you don’t know what is in it, you should ask. You do not want to gulp a delicious, sweet cocktail or two within 15 min, just to know how to string it was that it can almost knock you out for the entire evening. You should be aware of your drink’s alcohol content.

Prevent having caffeine

You should never mix caffeine or coffee. Even though you feel exhausted, and the alcohol urges you to bee sleepy, to have an energy drink or coffee appears to be the right thing to do, however, you are wrong. Any alcohol drink, such as San Diego beer, and coffee will become an overwhelming, massive energy burst, which could make you jittery and shaky before you get blacked out.

Never combine alcohol and sugar

Alcohol and sugar are fatal mixtures. Refrain from drinking cocktails that are too sweet since the sugar will quickly reach your head before the alcohol does. If this happens, you will be extremely high and then you will drastically lose all your energy. Also, alcohol and sugar will come together the day after your drinking session, which will cause you to have an extreme hangover.

Eat something

Make sure to stuff yourself with some food before you go to the party. This is very important especially if you are unsure whether there will be food available there or not. It is recommended for you to have some protein and carbohydrates in your stomach as it can assist you to absorb the alcohol. Moreover, it’ll slow down how rapidly it can affect you.

Know limits

Guarantee that you know your limits all the time. Perhaps you don’t have any idea of your drinking tolerance, so this must be considered. You should stop drinking if you can observe that you’re slurring your words, your visions are getting blurry, or you feel dizzy. You should be aware of yourself.

Pace yourself

Make sure to take your time and do not drink too quickly. This way, you can allow your body to adjust first to your alcohol intake.

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