How to Declutter Your Home?

Most people will come across a prized item that they want to hang on to forever. Unfortunately, a couple of individuals can take possessiveness too much and hoard tons of items. This can clutter their houses and make living in them extremely hard.  

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to get rid of the habit and help declutter the house, even if hoarding has become a problem for you or your family member.  

From hiring the right junk removers in Memphis to downsizing, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Store Possessions You Cannot Get Rid Of 

On a couple of occasions, you will have to deal with things that you can’t get rid of for legal, economic, or logistical reasons. If this is your case, it’s recommended that you buy a huge and durable plastic storage container. Next, store inside it every item that you can’t throw out. 

Tightly seal the container. This will ensure that the items will be safely stored. Next, place the container in the basement. If you’ve got an attic, you can also store the container there. Maybe you’ve got enough space behind the storage closet for the container.  


You might want to stop doing such things if you’re the kind of individual that keeps every school art piece that your children have made for you. Particular items are extremely special that getting rid of them would be bad karma or sacrilege. However, you don’t have to keep all items as a souvenir.  

It’s suggested that you only keep your most cherished cards, trophies, awards, drawings, projects, and much more.  

OneTouch Rule 

It is recommended that you follow the one-touch rule if you aren’t certain as to whether or not you should get rid of or keep a particular item. To make things simple, your objective is to make up your mind at the very moment. Next, pick up the item and put it where it belongs – back on the shelf, trash can, recycling container, or donation bin. Alternatively, if you ponder over the item for several days, or return back to it from time to time, then the possibilities that making any decision for that matter will decrease. 

De-Clutter More than Once 

You might have a hard time getting rid of every possession in one shot if you’re the kind of individual who has issues with getting rid of their items. It is recommended that you don’t try to eliminate all of your items at once. The truth is that if you do this, it can drastically increase your anxiety. This might cause you to panic and avoid getting rid of them.  

It’s recommended that you begin simply with 1 or 2 small items. Next, try to eliminate several more after some time has passed. This will allow you to remove everything that you do not need anymore.  

Also, it isn’t practical to declutter your house in one shot. You’ll probably need a lot of time for that. Thus, it’s ideal to do it slowly.  

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